ER Passport Marketing Collateral Examples

Below we have examples of the most common marketing collateral our customers use. Most are based on templates that we provide, but please feel free to use this as inspiration to make your own pieces.


Quick Reference Guide

Below is a sample that a client's marketing team created based on our recommendations. The quick reference guide is typically handed out by the physician liaison after their training sessions and follow-up visits.



Rack Card

The example below is based on an ER Express template that we can customize for any customer using their color scheme, fonts, and logo. The PDF is often emailed or printed out and used as a leave behind after training sessions.




Some of our clients opt to use a simple notepad featuring the vanity URL so that referring provider staff have a reminder to use ER Passport on their desk. The example below is also based off a template.




Another option to have as a reminder on your referring providers' desks.



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