ER Passport FAQs

You may find it useful to customize FAQs for your referring providers, patients, or your ED staff. You can incorporate them into your ER passport marketing collateral or use them to train your physician liaison. Below are our recommended answers to common questions regarding ER Passport.


From the provider:

How does the ED know that I referred a patient via this form?

The ED will receive a series of alerts that they have identified via voice call, email, fax, and/or SMS text to inform them that a patient is on their way.

What happens with the patient once they arrive at the ED?

The emergency department will begin preparations for the patient upon receiving the alerts. Thus, the patient will have a much faster and more streamlined experience, depending on the acuity of other patients in the ED at that time. Remember, using ER Passport is not a guarantee of immediate evaluation and treatment for your patient. Patients will always be seen and treated based on the acuity of their illness.

I usually call the ED and talk to a charge nurse when I refer a patient to the ED. How does this help me?

Phone calls to the ED typically take a long time and the information relayed on the phone does not always reach the appropriate parties. Phone calls are no longer necessary with this online referral form. The patient’s information and symptoms can be entered in the secure online form, ensuring an accurate and immediate transfer of information to the ED.

Can ER Passport be used for higher acuity patients?

If the patient is experiencing higher acuity symptoms, there is an option to transport the patient via ambulance on the referral form.

Should we use ER Passport even when we are sending patients to the ED by ambulance?

Yes, you can. The online form has a section where you identify the type of patient transport so the ED knows what to expect.

How will I know what happens to my patient after I refer them to the ED?

You will receive a follow-up email after the patient is dispositioned in ER Express. This email will not contain any PHI / PII.


From the ED:

Will all the providers in our community start using ER Passport on the go-live date?

No, your leadership team will identify a handful of providers in your community to begin using ER Passport. Once your staff is comfortable with the operational changes, more providers will be added.

How will providers know how to use ER passport? Does our leadership have to train them?

No, your ER Express Client Experience Manager will train referring providers and practice managers with the help of your physician liaison.


From the patient:

Will I go straight back to a room once I tell the ED that I was referred via ER Passport?

No, not necessarily. The ED will do its best to evaluate and treat you when you arrive, but if there are sicker patients ahead of you, they may be seen first.


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