Overview of ER Passport

ER Passport is a secure, online referral form that aims to facilitate real-time communication and coordination between referring providers and the emergency department.

With ER Passport there are no user names or passwords needed. Your referring providers simply visit the vanity URL you provide them that houses the secure referral form. The form allows providers to quickly populate it with patient information, chief complaint, and the referring facility and provider information. The emergency department receives an alert as soon as the form is submitted and is able to view the referral through an online dashboard. After the patient’s visit, referring providers are kept in the loop via an email with the patient’s disposition status.




Tangible benefits of ER Passport


Improve communication  •  Save staff time  •  Increase patient satisfaction

Drive quality volume  •  Enrich payor mix  •  Increase provider satisfaction


  • Improves provider loyalty by offering an easy-to-use, online form to send patient referrals to the ED.
  • Fewer phone calls save valuable time for ED staff, while the online form provides a record of referrals so staff is better able to prepare despite any shift changes.
  • Patients are happier when they arrive at the ED and are told that they are expected.
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