ER Passport Workstream

A customized deployment

Given that some of our clients have their own marketing team or have already retained an agency, we offer two ways to collaborate. Please let your Client Experience Manager know how you would like to collaborate.

  • Recommend & share: We can share best practices and a variety of marketing examples that have been successful in other markets. The health system's marketing department or agency then develops and executes their own campaign.
  • Customize & share:  We will customize and design marketing collateral to your specification, and then hand those source files to your marketing department or agency to finalize and execute.


Establish a target audience

ER Passport is not a patient-facing service and therefore does not require a great deal of marketing. However, given that you will want to have current and potential new referring providers on board with using this new tool, some effort will need to be taken to ensure that they are aware, willing, and able to use it.

The following facilities in your community may be interested in utilizing ER Passport when referring patients to the emergency department:

      • Urgent care centers
      • Primary care facilities
      • Pediatrician facilities
      • Sub-acute rehabilitation centers (SARs)
      • Skilled nursing facilities (SNFs)
      • Assisted living facilities (ALFs)


Role of a physician/provider liaison

Physician/Provider liaisons have an established relationship with referring providers and practice managers that improves buy-in for the ER Passport product. The most successful clients support ER Passport through targeted outreach.

Liaisons help promote ER Passport within the community by educating and training referring providers and their practice managers on ER Passport, with assistance from the ER Express team. Your Client Experience Manager will be available to help assist the physician liaison to educate and train providers on ER Passport.

If there are not Physician/Provider liaisons at your health system, we have also worked with sales teams and ED nurses to achieve the same goals. We can also work independently and consult with the identified referring facilities to train the practice managers on the product.

Physician liaison responsibilities before go-live:

      • Identify referring facilities to utilize ER Passport
        • For health systems that want to start slow, invite two to three referring facilities to be 'beta' participants for eight weeks. Then use their results and anecdotes to market to other practices.
      • Complete internal training with the ER Express team
      • Schedule training at the referring facilities and/or invite practice managers to the hospital for an educational luncheon on ER Passport.
      • Co-train referring facilities together with the ER Express team.
      • Distribute digital or print collateral

Physician liaison responsibilities after go-live:

      • Follow-up education with referring providers and practice managers
      • Distribute print collateral
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