How to Issue a Wait Time Delay

Users that have access to this feature: Site admin, Full Patient Management.


What is this feature? The Wait Time Delay feature postpones projected treatment times by 10 minutes for patients in the "New Patients Queue" whose projected treatment times are within the next 30 minutes. Patients receive an SMS text alert with a brief notification and a new projected treatment time. Patients in the "New Patients Queue" whose projected treatment times are outside of the 30-minute window or patients who are already in rooms will not receive a message and will maintain their original protected treatment time.


When to use this feature: Your standard workflow is interrupted or slowed due to 1) A sudden, drastic increase in patient volume, 2) An increase in high-acuity patients, 3) Unexpected staff changes, 4) Other factors.


Step 1: Navigate to the blue menu on the left-hand side of the screen. If the menu is collapsed (i.e. you only see icons, no menu headers) click on the > icon to expand the menu. Select “Capacity Settings” to display the submenu options then click “Issue Wait Time Delay.



Step 2: Click on the green “Issue Delay” button. ER Express will automatically message patients to let them know. 


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