How to Run Reports

Users that have access to this feature: Site Admin, Full Patient Management, Report Only.


Step 1: Navigate to the blue menu on the left-hand side of the screen. If the menu is collapsed (i.e. you only see icons, no menu headers) click on the > icon to expand the menu. Select “Reports” to display the submenu options, then choose a report type from the list. The tutorial steps below are specific to the "Patient Level" report.



Step 2: Choose a date range for the report using the "Start Date" and "End Date" fields at the top of the screen.



Step 3: Use the "Apply Filters" drop-down menu to add search parameters to the report, then click "Submit".



Step 4: View your report in-app or export to .csv, .pdf, and more. Simply click on a file type or export method button to export your report.


To learn about how to view "Blocked" or "Diverted" patients in a patient-level report, please refer to this Help Desk article: How to View Blocked or Diverted Patients.


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