Animal Hospital - Process Mapping Overview

Process Mapping Overview

Our goal is to seamlessly integrate ER Express into your existing workflow by understanding your current process and goals. During our process mapping exercise, we will review your current workflow state and then create a future state outline which will be the basis for staff training and educational material for your team.


  Tasks to complete prior to Process Mapping

1. Review the below guide

2. Fill out Operations Assessment


In this section:

  1. Process Mapping - Facility Information
  2. Process Mapping - Current State Review
    1. Check-in
    2. Triage
    3. Evaluation/Treatment
    4. Check-out
  3. Example future state workflow



The following article goes over the questions and discussion items reviewed during process mapping.

Facility Information

Practice Management System
Example: EzyVet/Smartflow, Cornerstone, Avimark.
Hours of Operations
8:00m-8:00pm M-F
Staffing (for ER/Urgent Care)
Name you use for team, how many are on per shift, how many are staffed in total (range or exact #)
Registration/CSR/Patient Coordinators/Clerks | 2-3/per shift | 20-25 total staffed
Tech/Triage/Care Coordinators/Assitants |3-5 per shift| 32 staffed
1-4 per shift | 12 staffed
Other Groups
Examples: Greeters, Phone triage team, Check-out team
Services Offered
list of services offered and then which ones will be using ER Express
Emergency Care **Will Us ER Express, Specialty, Wellness visits, Grooming/Boarding

Emergency/Urgent care Volume & Throughput

# of check-ins: per day: Give range (example; 20-30)

Busiest times of the day: example; 8am-1pm, 5pm-7pm

      • Current Wait times:
        • What is the high-end wait time for a non-stat patient to be seen from the time they check-in? (example; 4-6 hours, 12-24 hours).
      • What is the current status of your lobby? Example, lobby is closed & clients wait outside in their cars, or lobby is open.


Current State Review

Example Questions

Check-in Process

How does a client currently check in? Do they call from the parking lot or do they walk inside?
If checking in from parking lot – do you have parking spot numbers or signage with instructions on how to check-in?
What information is initially taken when they check-in? Do you complete registration verbally or is the client handed a clipboard with paperwork?
  • Do you wait until all paperwork is returned before completing check-in in your system, or do you have different status for “check-in” vs “registration complete”?
  • If you have paperwork, where is that information stored? Do you put it in a paper chart, scan it to an electronic chart, or manually enter the information into your system?
  • Where does a client wait once checked in? In their car, in the lobby? Do you have an option to have their pet dropped off at this point?



How is the tech team alerted that a patient is ready to be triaged next? Example – do the CSRS page over a system/verbally tell the techs, or do the techs view a whiteboard in your system to see who is next?
How is triage completed?
  • Example if client waiting in car – do you go out to the car? Or do you call them on the phone and ask them to meet you at the door or come directly to the lobby?
  • Example if client waiting in lobby – Do you perform an initial assessment (partial triage) in the lobby and then bring back the pet if further vitals are needed? Or do you bring all patients directly back to a triage room

After triage is complete what are the client’s options for waiting? Do you allow the pet to wait with their owner until the Veterinarian is ready or do you encourage drop offs?





  • Is the owner usually present when the Doctor is completing their initial assessment?
  • If the owner is not in the room, how are you getting estimates approved?
  • Are you giving updates to the owner when the Doctor starts treatment?




  • If the owner is not at the hospital or is waiting in the car?
  • Who calls the owner to go over findings/discharge instructions? Does this person also tell the owner that their pet is ready to be picked up?
  • Are you collecting payment over the phone or do they pay when they come to pick up their pet?
  • Do you bring the pet out to the car or do you ask the owner to come inside to pick up their pet?
    • If owner is at hospital:
  • What is the check-out procedure? Are the discharge instructions reviewed in the room or does someone come out to the lobby to review discharge instructions?





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