ER Express Veterinarian Overview


Welcome to ER Express

We are excited that your team is implementing the ER Express platform and want to help get you set up and running as quickly as possible.

This article will give you an overview of the different workstreams and their responsibilities.

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To streamline the migration to-do list, we’ve broken the workload down into three different teams:

1. Operations 2. Marketing 3. IT/IS

For each team, we've designed an easy-to-follow workflow that breaks down the timeline and tasks that need to be completed before go-live. 


The length of the implementation process can vary depending on the number of facilities launching,, the amount of staff training required, and the marketing team's availability to create print material and update the website. For this reason, the due dates for most tasks in our guide work backward from the projected go-live date, which was determined at your initial migration kick-off call. If you have not had a kick-off call, please click HERE to schedule.


Workstream: Operations Marketing IT/IS

[Workstream link here]

[Workstream link here] [Workstream link here]
  • Design workflow integration
  • ERx system customization
  • Intake form review
  • Staff engagement
  • Brand and marketing strategy
  • Website updates
  • Print collateral development and deployment
  • Intranet/workstation sitelinks
  • Hardware setup (if using kiosks)
  • Access standards
  • Safe-listing IP/websites


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