Two-Way Texting


Two-way texting enhances communication between staff and patients and can dramatically reduce call volume, phone-tag, and overall time spent on the phone verbally collecting information from patients (such as where they are parked).

The new two-way texting feature includes:

    • An intuitive user experience that resembles popular messaging apps.
    • Searchable message threads individualized for each patient-staff conversation.
    • Ability to send out text messages to multiple patients at a time (these are still broken into individual threads rather than a group text).
    • Tags, emojis, and custom message templates.
    • Clear notifications for when staff have a new unread message from either patients or other staff members.
    • A log on each patient card showing who sent messages and at what time.

Two-way texting can only occur when a staff member initiates the text message, and they may only initiate a two-way text if you choose to enable this feature for your facility.


Basic How-to: 

Two-way texting must be enabled for your facility before attempting these steps. To learn more about this, please read the section labeled 'Patient Queue Settings'. 


Step 1: Navigate to the top right corner of the Patient Queue and click on the white button labeled "Text"




Step 2: Click into the field labeled 'Choose recipient(s)' and a list of patients will dropdown. Click on the patient's name you wish to send a text message to. Their name will appear in the field with a box around it. You are able to select multiple patients if you intend on sending them the same texts. 

Note: If there are a lot of patients in the queue, try typing their name for a quicker search. 




Step 3: Click on the button labeled 'Insert Template' and select the message you wish to send. The message will appear in the 'Compose Message'



Step 4: Click the blue 'Send Text' button to send the message to the patient. A success message will appear in the top right corner of your screen saying "Your text has been sent." The recipient's name will appear in the left sidebar. You can click on their name to view the conversation thread. 


Compose Features

  • When composing a message, you have the option to choose from a pre-written template or customize your own personal text.
  • Whether you choose a pre-existing template or customize your own, you are able to insert automatic tags which will populate certain information individualized to the recipient.


  • To use a pre-written template, click 'insert template' and then select the template you want to send, as seen in the screenshot below.
  • If you want to customize your own message, click the 'Compose new message' template and type your message in the 'Compose message' field. 

Quick tip: hover over your cursor over the template to see the full message




  • You are also able to insert tags in order to conveniently and correctly reference certain pieces of information. This is incredibly useful when a registrar is composing their own custom message, to ensure they are not typing any information incorrectly.
  • For example, it is best practice to insert the tag {PATIENT_NAME} instead of typing out the patient's name to ensure that you did not spell their name incorrectly.
  • To insert a tag, simply click on 'Insert Tag' and select a tag from one of the four categories: Visit info, reservation info, facility info, or referral info


Sending to multiple recipients

  • With two-way texting, you are able to send a text message to as many patients as are active in your queue. However, for each patient, a new text thread will be started. There are no group-messaging threads in two-way texting.


  • Two-way texting has the functionality to send and receive all the common emojis people are familiar with.
  • To send emojis, click on the blue smiley face button and select the emoji you wish to send.




  • Notifications will be sent for every unread incoming text message you receive.
  • Notifications are personalized to user accounts. In other words, if a fellow registrar at your facility reads a text on their computer, but you have not yet read the text on your computer, the text will still show as unread for you.
  • There will be a notification banner that appears at the top right hand of your screen.
  • If the texting pane is not open, the number of unread text messages will appear on the text icon as seen in the screenshot below.


  • If the texting pane is open, you will see a green indicator next to the respective patient's name with the unread text message. See screenshot below.
  • All unread text messages will appear in bold under the recipient's name. See screenshot below. Notice how the message under Ben Kenobi's name is bold and all other message threads are normal.


Patient queue settings

  • By default, two-way texting is turned off for facilities.
  • Two-way texting must manually be turned on by going to Patient Queue Settings > scrolling down to Two-Way Texting enabled > switching the toggle from off to on (no to yes) > page-level save button.


Important Nuances

All two-way texting is staff-initiated

  • In order for a two-way texting thread/conversation to start, a staff must send the first message.
  • The patient does not have the ability to text staff until the staff initiates the conversation.
  • For instance, if a patient were to reply to a reservation confirmation text, the text would never show up in the staff's texting pane.

Threads are disabled once a patient leaves the queue

  • Text messaging threads with a patient will disappear as soon as the patient card disappears from the patient queue.
  • If a patient is in the dispositioned column, the text messaging thread will still appear in the texting-pane. However, once the patient card disappears from the disposition column, the texting thread disappears as well.
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