One-way Texting

What is this feature?
One-way texting allows staff to send SMS text messages to patients that are currently in their facility's queue. You can send a pre-written message template or customize your own. Patients are unable to reply to these messages.

Step 1: Navigate to the top right corner of the Patient Queue and click on the white button labeled "Text"




Step 2: Click into the field labeled 'Choose recipient(s)' and a list of patients will dropdown. Click on the patient's name you wish to send a text message to. Their name will appear in the field with a blue box around it. You are able to select multiple patients if you intend on sending them the same texts. 

Note: If there are a lot of patients in the queue, try typing their name for a quicker search. 




Step 3: Click on a template under 'Choose Message' and the selected message will appear in the 'Preview and Edit' section below. Review the message you are going to send in the field labeled 'Message'.



Step 4: Click the blue 'Send Text' button to send the message to the patient. A success message will appear in the top right corner of your screen saying "Your one-way text has been sent."



FAQs and Best Practice Tips

How do I send a customized text?

To send a customized text message to a patient, click on the message template labeled 'Compose new message' in the 'Choose Message' section. Compose your customized message under the 'Preview & edit' section in the field labeled 'Message'. 


Can I change the text templates?

YES - site admins have access to update the 1-way text templates. 


How will other staff members know that I sent a text to a patient?

We recommend you leave a comment on the patient's card to let other colleagues know that you have already sent the patient a text. 


Where can I see a record of messages sent to a patient?

The activity log on a patient's card will show that a 1-way text has been sent and a timestamp of when. However, it does not display the message, only that a text was sent. 


Can I send a 1-way text after a patient has been discharged?

No - one-way texts can only be sent to patients who are in the 1st and 2nd columns. Once a patient is dispositioned, no further 1-way texts can be sent.



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