Athena Schedule Templates Best Practices

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Creating a new template
Applying the new template


  • Athena sends us three days’ worth of schedule inventory each night
  • As a result, before you apply a new template, you need to modify your existing template so it ends before the new one starts.
  • Important: set the start date of the new template to be a minimum of three days from
    now, and then set the end date of the old template to be one day before the start date
    of the new one
  • Modifying is NOT the same thing as rolling back.
    • Modifying allows you to set a future date when the modification is effective
    • Rolling back is immediate
  • For example, if today is August 7th:
    • The first possible date you can set a new template to start is August 10.
    • You should modify your old template to end on August 9 if you are setting a new template to start on August 10th.



Example of a Schedule Issue:

  • Ryan made a new template on 8/4. When he applied it, Athena sent us inventory for 8/5, 8/6,
  • However, we still had inventory from the prior template, which was edited to end on 8/3. Athena would have sent us inventory for 8/4, 8/5, 8/6.
  • As a result, some of the patients that booked on 8/4, 8/5, and 8/6 were booking inventory on the
    old inventory -which existed in ER Express, but no longer existed in Athena.
  • When we sent those appts to Athena, Athena refused them and told us to cancel the
  • By 8/7, the old inventory no longer existed.



Example "Conflict" Error Message from Athena




Creating a new template:

1. First, create the new template
2. Give it a unique name
3. Make sure all times have only one appt type per slot
4. Set the start date three days from now. For example, if you create a template on August 6, the
soonest it can take effect is August 9.
5. Save (not Save & apply)
6. Review it internally as needed

Applying the new template:

Set the new template to start three days from today:


Old template: Set it to end the day before the new template is set to begin.



Example of setting the effective date of the new schedule to be three days from now:



After you set the dates, you can click ‘Preview,’ which allows you to see the effects without having to save (i.e., can you still click ‘Cancel’)







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