ER Express Access for Each User Management Role

After logging into the control panel, you can view your user management role in the upper right corner of the screen, underneath your name. The table below outlines the capabilities of each user management role. The user management role determines the level of access you have in ER Express.



Role-based privileges

  Site Admin Full Patient Management Limited Patient Management View Only  Reporting Only
View the patient queue  
Move patients through the queue    
Adjust capacity settings (Open/close hours, create special events, edit inventory)      
View/run reports  
Add/manage user accounts        
Edit alert templates        
Manage alert destinations        
Edit Referral form settings      
Edit Referring Clinic/Provider list      

Edit Online/Walk-in Module settings (Custom Questions, Acuity Safeguard, Reservation Form, Localizations, Patient Queue Settings)

Edit Intake Settings        


Menu items available by role

Site Admin Full Patient Management Limited Patient Management
siteadmin-01.png fullptmgmt-01.png ltdptmgmt-01.png


Reporting Only View Only
reportingonly-01.png viewonly-01.png


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