Display Board - Implementation

Device Setup

Materials Needed
- Intel PC Stick and the included AC power adapter
- Monitor or TV with HDMI input
- Mouse
- Wireless keyboard
Step 1 - Mouse and Keyboard
Plug in USBs for both the mouse and the keyboard into the two ports on the side of the device

Step 2 - Power on the Device

Plug the PC Stick into the HDMI slot of a TV or Monitor. Power the device on by plugging in the included AC Adapter and holding down the side button shown in the image below. Once the device is powered on, you should see a small blue light appear on the device. Within a few seconds, the home screen on the tv should load.

Step 3 - Connect to the Internet

Connect to the internet by clicking on the internet icon in the bottom right corner of the sign-in screen. Since the device will not be connected to wi-fi when you receive the hardware, the image that you see on your screen may be a globe icon (this indicates that the pc stick is not connected to the internet).


Step 4 - Log In to Launch the Displayboard

Once you get to Step 4, please contact your CSM so they can provide you with your credentials to log in. If the pin was already provided to you, go ahead and log in.

Step 5 - Displayboard Launch

The displayboard should automatically launch once you log in. The image you see on the screen should resemble the image in the screenshot below:
Once you are logged in, you can remove the USB ports for the mouse and keyboard.


If you have any trouble during this process, please contact your CSM or submit a ticket by emailing help@erexpress.com.





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