Downloading Intake Forms

How to download a patient's intake form:

Step 1: In the Patient Queue, click on the patient's card you wish to download an intake form for. 

Note: The paper clip icon on the patient's card indicates that the patient has an intake form on file. If there is no paperclip icon on the patient's card, that indicates that the patient has not yet submitted a registration form. 


Step 2: Once the patient modal is open, click on the 'Forms' tab. You will see a list of all the forms and documents that are on file for that patient. 


Step 3: Click on the green 'download all' button in the right corner to download all of the patient's intake forms as a .zip file. If you are using the Chrome browser (which we advise), the download will show up at the bottom of the window.


Note: If you want to download just one form, click on the white download button to the right of the form's title. mceclip0.png

If you want to preview a form, click on the white preview button to the right of the form's title. mceclip1.png




What is a 'smartPDF'?

A smartPDF transfers the patient's information that's filled out during the digitized intake process directly to the facility's regular PDF form. In short, this form will look a lot like a traditional form that you might fill out by hand. The smartPDF is usually the first form listed in a patient's card. If you do not see a smartPDF for your patients, it is likely that this functionality has not been implemented for your facility. Please email your Customer Success Manager, or email to add this enhancement.

What is a summary PDF? 

A summary PDF is a document that contains all questions and answers submitted by the patient in a list/grid-view format. The summary PDF contains all images that a patient uploads. All facilities with Intake Express implemented will get a summary PDF for each patient.

What is the difference between a smartPDF and a summary PDF? When should I use one versus the other?

A smartPDF is the most visually appealing form to view - information is formatted in a more traditional manner and is better organized. However, some questions that are asked on the digital intake form may not appear on the smartPDF if there is not a corresponding space to populate the answer. For example, if a patient takes a picture of their driver's license, it is very likely that this is not contained within the smartPDF since there is no corresponding field to populate the image to. 

A summary PDF is the most comprehensive form - it lists all questions and answers that were contained in the patient's intake form. This form contains all images that a patient uploads, including driver's license and insurance cards. 

What other documents are contained in the patient's card?

Images, such as the patient's driver's license and insurance cards, are uploaded as individual files to the patient's card so that they can be downloaded and viewed separately. Additionally, every signature field that patients sign will appear as an individual file within the "Forms" tab. Both signatures and images are contained in the summary PDF. 

What is the meaning behind the file names? 

- Both the smartPDF and summary PDF should have the naming conventions of:

       "[patient first name]_[patient last name]_[facility's intake title]"

- Driver's license photos should be named: "driver_license"

- Insurance card photos should be named: "patient_insurance_front" or "patient_insurance_back"

- Signatures should be named: "signature_consent" or "signature_privacy_notice" or many other variations

The file names are customizable by the ER Express team. If your file names are confusing or don't seem right, let us know and we can adjust them accordingly. 

Why is the form not downloading for me? 

We advise all user's to run our application using a Chrome browser. Chrome is the most compatible internet browser for our web application. Many times a form will not download properly because the Chrome browser is out-of-date. Try updating your Chrome browser to see if this resolves the issue. 



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