Triggered Client Messaging


Overview of Client Triggered Messaging

1st Triggered Message: When a client texts the shortcode to 34947, our system will send them a text message with the sign-in form URL. 

2nd Triggered Message: Once a client completes and submits the sign-in form, our system will send them a confirmation text giving them further instructions and reminding them to fill out the registration form. 

On-Screen Confirmation of Intake Form Completion: Once the client submits their digital registration form, they will see a confirmation page where you can give instructions or provide information.

3rd Triggered Message: (optional) Once your staff moves the client from the first column to the second column, our system can send out a message to the patient with updates or instructions. 

4th Triggered Message: (optional) Once your staff move the client from the second column to the third column, our system can send

5th Triggered Message: (optional) If your facility would like to receive feedback from your patients and encourage them to leave google reviews, we can send a triggered feedback survey once the client is moved from the third to the fourth column. 


Examples of Client Triggered Messages:

Triggered SMS 1: Client Message when client texts the code

The client arrives in the parking lot and sees signage (parking lot signs, door signs, etc. OR is on the website and see check-in instructions prompting them to text a specific keyword to a code. Example: Text “PAWSITIVE” to 34947.

SMS - Alert: ID 23: Curbside Instructions

“Thank you for choosing {HOSPITAL_NAME} for your pet's care. To start the sign-in process click the following link: {CURBSIDE_LINK}

After you submit the form, you will be automatically redirected to complete the registration forms and to create an account in our portal.”


Triggered SMS 2: Sign-in Confirmation - SMS and/or E-mail

Client submits the sign-in form and receives confirmation message reminding them to fill out the digital registration piece.

SMS - Alert ID 2: Walk-in confirmation without treatment time

“Thank you for signing in.  If you were not automatically redirected to complete your digital registration paperwork, please do so now. You must fill in these forms before we can complete {FIRST_NAME}'s check-in. Click here: {INTAKE_SHORTLINK}.

Staff will notify you by text when we are ready to see your pet.  

If you need to cancel your visit, you may reply "9" at any time to be removed from the waitlist. If your pet’s condition changes and you still need to be seen after canceling, you will have to sign in again.”


Intake Form Completion – On Screen Confirmation

After the client submits their digital registration form, they will see this message. You could give your clients additional instructions or provide hyperlinks to PDFs with information about your traging process or doctor bios. 

“You have successfully completed and submitted your registration form. We will contact you with further instructions. While you wait, you might want to read some of our informational handouts: 
Meet Our Doctors 
Levels of Triage "

If you are integrating with an EHR, such as EzyVet, this would be a good opportunity to prep and redirect the client to create an EzyVet Portal Account.

“In order for our team to complete {FIRST_NAME}'s registration in our system, you MUST be registered in our patient portal. After you click SUBMIT below, you will be automatically redirected to the portal to create an account. 

If you already have an account, please log in and verify that your account information is up to date.


Triggered SMS 3: Registration Complete - SMS

When registration moves client to the 2nd column in ERx it triggers the following message.

"This is confirmation that our team has reviewed your paperwork and completed check-in for {FIRST_NAME}. We will send you another text when we are ready to see your pet.


Triggered SMS 4: Ready for Pet - SMS

When registration moves the client to the 3nd column in ERx it triggers the following message.

We are ready for you. If you are not already in the lobby, please proceed there at this time.  A staff member will be ready to see you and your pet shortly.


Opt-Out of SMS Message

If the client chooses to opt-out after completing step one (sign-in), they will see the following confirmation.

On-Screen Message

“IMPORTANT: our clinic sends text messages with patient instructions and updates about their wait. By opting out, you will not receive these messages, and it could delay your treatment.”


Cancellation Message - SMS

If the client replies “9” to self-cancel, they will receive the following.


We have removed you from the queue. If you need to be seen again, you will need to sign back in using the following link: {CURBSIDE_LINK}


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