Undo Button

When should I use the undo button?

  • If you need to move a patient "backwards" in the workflow
  • If you move the wrong pt to RFR
  • If you chooses the wrong disposition value (other than cancelled, more about this below)
  • If you discharge the wrong patients

Undo Button Workflow:

  • Limited to user actions that have occurred in the last five minutes. In other words, you can only undo an action within 5 minutes of completing the action. We call this setting the undoTimeWindow. This setting is hard-coded for all entities but will become variable in later releases. 
  • When a user clicks "undo", your screen shows a success message and then sends an alert to the patient (Alert ID 51)
  • If the patient is an ER Passport referral, it also sends an alert to the referring provider if you move them from the third column (Dispositioned) beack to the second column (Ready for Room)(Alert ID 52)
  • The "undo" will wipe out the timestamp data in the patient level report to ensure accuracy for future action timestamps
  • The undo actions appear in the activity log in the patient card
  • The patient moves back to their most recent status
  • You cannot "double undo" e.g., cannot move from discharged to rfr and then again back to new
  • Undo menu includes patients in the secondary entity
  • Undoing a patient's disposition excludes patients who have been cancelled because as soon as they have been cancelled, we re-open their time slots, so we cannot move that patient back into the queue if another patient has grabbed the time slot. In a future release, we will allow for the undoing of a cancelled patient as long as their time slot is still available. 
  • You cannot undo patients who have self-cancelled, i.e., staff cannot over-ride a pt's decision to self cancel
  • You cannot "undo" a patient's status changing from new to new-arrived
  • You cannot undo responses to two-way text messages or posting comments

How to undo a patient

Scenario: You have accidentally moved the wrong patient from the 'New' column to the 'Ready for Room' column and want to undo this action. It has been within 5 minutes of you completing the action so you are still able to undo the action.


Step 1: Click on the button labelled Undo in the top right corner of the Patient Queue.This will open a menu with all user actions completed within the last 5 minutes.




Step 2: Find the patient's name you wish to undo. Click the blue undo button directly to the left of their name.



Step 3: A success message appears and the patient's card goes backwards in the queue. The patient is sent a text letting them know of the mistake. The verbiage for this alert can be configured under Global Settings Alert TemplatesAlert ID 51.



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