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Your path to a more intuitive, faster version
of ER Express starts here.

We're excited that your team is upgrading to the new ER Express platform and want to help get you set up and running as quickly as possible.

To get started, we'll first show you a preview of the upgraded platform. Then, we'll give you an overview of the different workstreams and their responsibilities.


What's New

Layout Scheduling Reporting User Management
1.  New control panel layout
2.  Patient queues displayed horizontally instead of vertically.
3.  Addition of "Dispositioned" queue; Patients who are discharged will no longer immediately disappear.
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Will the new layout affect staff workflow?

The control panel may look and feel different, but there will be no change in the workflow for your staff! Staff will still acknowledge and disposition patients just like they do today.



To streamline the migration to-do list, we’ve broken the workload down into three different teams:

1. Clinical Operations 2. Web Development 3. IT/IS

For each team, we've designed an easy way to follow workflow that breaks down the timeline and tasks that need to be completed before go-live. 


The length of the migration process can vary depending on the number of facilities upgrading, the amount of staff training required, and the web teams availability to push out changes on the website. For this reason, the due dates for most tasks in our guide work backward from the projected go-live date, which was determined at your initial migration kick-off call.  If you have not had a kick-off call, please contact your CEM to schedule, or email help@erexpress.com.


Workstream: Clinical Operations Web Team IT/IS

Clinical Ops Workstream

Web Team Workstream IT/IS Workstream
  • Site Customization
  • Set Schedule
  • Super User Training
  • Staff Onboarding
  • Update website with new check-in form URL and next available time APIs.
  • Fill out new Security Standards
  • Safe-list new URLs.
  • Confirming staff access to new site.


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