How to Set Open and Close Hours

Users that have access to this feature: Site Admin, Full Patient Management.

Before stepping through how to configure open and close hours, let's define the parameters associated with your facility's hours: 

Pre-Open Time - This parameter controls what time the walk-in portal opens for patients to begin booking. So if Pre-Open = 8:00am and Open = 9:00am. Then patients can start booking their reservations at 8:00am but will not be seen until starting at 9:00am. 

Open Time - This parameter controls the time the first appointment starts. To clarify, this does not control when patients are able to start saving their spot in line (this is controlled by pre-open time)

Close Time - This parameter controls when the reservation form closes and patient can no longer make appointments. To clarify, this does not control when the last patient will be seen at your facility (that is overflow time).

Overflow Time - This parameter controls what time the last patient can be seen (using projected treatment time calculated by our algorithm). So, if your close time is 9pm, and you want all of your staff and doctors walking out the door at 9:01pm, then you want to set your close and overflow time both at 9:00pm. However, if your close time is 9:00pm but you take new patients up until 9pm, meaning most nights staff and doctors stay late, working until 11:30pm, then you would set your close time to 9:00pm and your overflow to 11:30pm. 


Step 1: Navigate to the blue menu on the left-hand side of the screen. If the menu is collapsed (i.e. you only see icons, no menu headers) click on the > icon to expand the menu. Select “Capacity Settings to display the submenu options, then click “Schedule Patterns.”



Step 2: Select the “Set Open & Close Hours” tab, then navigate to the weekday you would like to edit. 



Step 3: Click on the pencil icon next to next to a "Pre-Open Time", "Open Time", "Close Time", or "Over Flow Time" to make edits. Use the up and down arrows to adjust hours and minutes.



Step 4: Once all changes are completed, click the green “Save” button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.


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