How to use the Secondary Entity Queue

The secondary entity allows users to display two different facilities' queues on the same screen. Staff can manage these queues (for example, pediatric and adult patients) simultaneously without having to switch back and forth between facilities in the left sidebar navigation menu. 


How to turn on a secondary entity:

1. Go to Online/Walk-in Module > Patient Queue Settings > Secondary Facility


2. Toggle the 'Show secondary facility' = ON and choose a Secondary Facility ID you wish to view in your Patient Queue. Press Save.

Note: The facilities shown in the secondary facility ID dropdown list are "sibling" facilities (ones under the same parent entity). In a future release, we will be allowing the capabilities to add "cousin" facilities (ones under a different parent, but common grandparent) as a secondary entity.



Important Features to note:

  • Settings are managed on an entity basis, not an individual user basis. If a secondary entity is set for a particular facility, it will universally show that way for all users using that facility i.e., if Milford is secondary to GetWell, it is secondary for ALL users when viewing GetWell
  • Secondary entity preserves the custom queue names you have set for each facility
  • Auditory chime works in both sets of patients
  • Moving a secondary patient to RFR does NOT affect the accuracy score of the primary entity (and vice versa)
  • Changing the wait time manually does NOT affect the inventory or wait time of the secondary entity (and vice versa)
  • Two-way texting and the "Easy add" button only work for the primary queue
  • The patient queue filter includes both primary and secondary queues

Future Scope:

  • Including cousin facilities
    • Right now, you are only able to add sibling facilities to the secondary queue, i.e. only facilities nested under the same parent. Soon, you will be able to add cousin facilities as secondary entities, i.e. facilities nested under the same grandparent facility.
  • One-way and two-way texting
    • It Will eventually work so end users can send a text to patients in the secondary entity without having to navigate to the secondary entity's queue
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